Welcome our 2021-2022 Rivers2Lake Education Mentor - Brandi Shapland

We are pleased to announce and welcome Brandi Shapland as our new Rivers2Lake Education Mentor for the 2021-2022 school year! Brandi is a graduate of Northland College with a passion for environmental education. She recently spent a month  sailing on Lake Superior with the Sea Change Expeditions crew, creating and teaching programming to youth around the Lake Superior Coast, and is excited to help the region’s teachers create engaging lessons that will spark interest in younger generations.  “Lake Superior is my home and I am so excited to take on a larger role in protecting its watershed. I am looking forward to connecting with teachers and getting to know this incredible community on a deeper level.”

We are impressed with Brandi’s communication style and on-the-fly lesson giving and can’t wait to see what support she brings to our local educators as well as our Superior Rivers outreach efforts.

The South Shore Rivers2Lake program is hosted in conjunction with the Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve’s River2Lake program. For the 2021-2022 school year, Brandi will focus on building connections and support with alumni of our South Shore Rivers2Lake program as we pilot future growth of this alumni network and support. If you are an alumni of the Rivers2Lake program or a local educator looking for assistance with outdoor placed based learning, reach out!

Learn more about the Rivers2Lake program with the Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve at https://rivers2lake.org/

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  1. I am watching Brandi Shapland as an educator aboard the Lake Superior research boat in A Sea Change For Superior. I am a retired teacher and sailor. Jim and I have a blue water double ender Pandion that yearns to be back out on the Great Lakes sharing their beauty and teaching someone like Brandi. Is it possible to get in touch with Brandi?

    1. Hi, Margaret!
      We’re glad you are interested and watched that excellent program! Brandi served on that vessel for Sea Change Expeditions, which was featured in A Sea Change for Superior. Although Brandi has moved on, Sea Change Expeditions still does sailing adventures and school programs. You can find their information on their website here: https://seachangeexpeditions.org/

      With us at Superior Rivers, Brandi served under a grant program for one year as a Rivers2Lake mentor, helping teachers with professional development for this kind of education. Our Education Coordinator Emma Holtan now serves this role here in Ashland. If you’d like, we can get you in touch with her! But Brandi and Sea Change Expeditions are doing different work than we are.


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