Upcoming Meetings and Events

Community Macroinvertebrate Sorting and Identification

1st Thursdays at Northland College, Larson-Juhl Center for Science and the Environment (CSE), Lab 125

Upcoming dates:

  • November 2nd @ 6pm – 8pm
  • December 2nd @ 6pm – 8pm

Join us to sort and identify macroinvertebrate specimen that volunteers collected from local rivers and streams. We use the identified specimen to give each stream a score which roughly represents stream health. With this information, we can better understand overall watershed health and target areas worthy of protection or restoration.

No prior experience necessary. Amateur volunteers who want to learn more about the critters that live in their water and how that relates to water quality are encouraged!

If the CSE Lab is unavailable, we will switch to the Superior Rivers office at 113 Main Street.

2024 Field Trip Series

We are working to bring you a series field trips in 2024. Stay tuned!

Macroinvertebrate Sampling

Help us collect aquatic macroinvertebrates (bugs) from our streams and perform site assessments! This is a fun, 4 hour field experience, best performed in pairs or groups.

Our next sampling window is in May. Make sure you’re signed up for our emails to sign up for spring sampling.