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Macroinvertebrate Sampling

2022 Fall Monitoring is September 18th – October 2nd

Superior Rivers Watershed Association is seeking volunteers to assist with spring aquatic invertebrate (bug) monitoring fieldwork. No experience necessary – all equipment and training provided!

We will be hosting two training sessions leading up to the monitoring window: one is virtual via Zoom and the other is in-person outdoors.

The training sessions will teach you what you need to know about collecting aquatic invertebrates for our water quality monitoring program. The virtual session will be held on Zoom and consist of a Powerpoint with instructional videos and a Q&A with our volunteer coordinator Emma. The in-person, outdoor sessions will be hands-on in a stream.

RSVP to attend sessions is appreciated but not required. Invite others who may be interested!

  • VIRTUAL: Wednesday, September 14th @ 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm CST via Zoom. Zoom link will be emailed to RSVPs before training.
  • IN PERSON: Sunday, September 18th @ 2:00pm to 4:00pm CST at Whittelsey Creek at Wickstrom Rd. Meet in the Coaster Classroom parking lot.

Recent Past Events

  • August 27th – Everyone for the Water Annual Membership Gathering and 20th Anniversary Celebration
  • June 16th & 16th – Macronvertebrate Identification
  • May 8th – 22nd – Volunteer Macroinvertebrate Monitoring
  • May 21st – Tree planting on the Marengo River with Trout Unlimited