White River

White River Subwatershed

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The White River subwatershed covers a large area in the westernmost reaches of the Bad River Watershed. Originating in a chain of lakes around Delta, Wisconsin the river flows through the Bibon Swamp State Wildlife Area. Meandering past Mason, the White is joined by the Schramm and Spring Creeks. The serpentine path of the White River finally joins the Bad River just south of Odanah, Wisconsin. The Bad River flows into Lake Superior after passing through a series of sloughs.

Bad River Watershed Association volunteers sample 4 sites in this watershed. In all, volunteers sample 17 sites throughout the entire Bad River Watershed.

Sampling includes monthly chemistry and twice-annual macro-invertebrate surveys.

WDNR White River Watershed (LS10) Information

BRWA Baseline Monitoring Report- White River Basin