Board of Directors


Board of Directors

The Superior Rivers Watershed Association consists of a board of 7 to 15 Board of Directors. These board members serve as volunteers who support the mission, vision, and values of the organization. They consist of residents from throughout the service area with a broad representation of the watershed and communities within.

Board of Director members serve three year terms of up to two consecutive terms and attend four to six Board of Director meetings per year. Officers serve a one year term and are elected by members of the Board of Directors.

2024 Meeting Schedule

Board of Directors meetings are currently scheduled for the second Tuesday of every other month at the Superior Rivers office.

January 9 @ 6pm

March 12th @ 6pm

May 14th @ 6pm

July 9th @ 6pm

September 10th @ 6pm

November 12th @ 6pm

2023 Board of Directors

We asked our current board of directors why they joined Superior Rivers or why the watershed is important to them.

April Stone, President

Term 2: December 2023 – December 2026

I was on the original board. I wanted to take part in the beginning because the idea behind a watershed association came from the league of women voters and the Bad River Tribe (at least this is my understanding) and I felt as though it would be an honor to work with such an incredible group of individuals. As a Bad River tribal member, I felt it important to participate in this way, with the local communities, working and volunteering for the water.

Diane Daulton, Vice President

Term 1: January 2021 – January 2024

Following in the footsteps of others I admire is a part of my passion for protecting our waters…tribal traditions and respect for water, legacies like those of Sigurd Olson and Aldo Leopold, and more recently Michele Wheeler’s role in bringing people together. Now quasi-retired, I want to give something back. Many of you reading this feel it too, living in this special watershed. There is magic in the light reflecting the moods of our waters. Gifts like reflection, constancy, singing sands under foot, and the music of ice…all worth saving.

Doug Lowthian, Treasurer

Term 1: July 2023 – July 2026

I feel like I have some skills and capacity and ideas that I’d like to give back to the community, and Superior Rivers gives me the chance to do that in a way that I feel connected to the resource.

What we’re doing is serious science work, but it helps the community overall and over the long term.

Allissa Stutte, Secretary

Term 2: March 2022 – March 2025

I live in Bayfield and enjoy spending a large portion of my time in, on, or near the big lake and other waterways of the region. I’m passionate about SRWA’s mission to protect clean water resources, and am honored to serve on the Board of Directors.

Bill Route

Term 2: March 2022 – March 2025

I decided to join SRWA, and to serve on the board of directors, because of the critical importance of clean water to life as we know it. Most importantly, I love the way SRWA engages citizens and teaches youth to use science to monitor the rivers that flow to Lake Superior. Involving citizens is so important in this time of miss-information and down-right disregard for the use of science to take care of our environment. 

Abi Fergus

Term 1: January 2022- January 2025

I am excited to join the board in order to dedicate my time and attention to the water that sustains our lives and ecosystems. I am grateful to live in the Marengo Watershed in the penokees and haul all of my drinking water from artesian wells. I work as a wildlife biologist and specialize in wolf conservation, wildlife tracking, and supporting farmers to coexist with carnivores. In most settings I have my canine companion Juniper by my side. 

Ulf Gafvert

Term 1: March 2023 – March 2026

I have long been fascinated by landscape dynamics, understanding how topography, forest cover, and land use interact with stream systems. Watersheds define natural borders, and the rivers that flow within these boundaries reflect the conditions of the surrounding upland. I developed a degree in Watershed Science (many years ago!), and have had the opportunity to work in related fields through my career. I am now retired, and joining this organization seemed a natural fit to continue to pursue these interests.

Past Board of Directors Members

  • Erin Burkett
  • Phil Norrgard
  • Michelle Carlile
  • Laurence Wiland
  • Cathy Techtman
  • Bobbi Rongstad
  • Mark Dryer
  • Jim Crandall
  • Sjana Schanning
  • Eric Ellason
  • Ana Tochterman
  • Bob Rice
  • Joan Elias
  • Denise Ciebien
  • Andrea Pokrzywinski
  • Valerie Damstra
  • Mike Ryan
  • Kevin Brewster
  • Kelly McKnight
  • Pam Roberts
  • Tracy Ledder
  • Darienne McNamara
  • Jo Bailey
  • Randy Lehr
  • Jedd Ungrodt
  • Dane Bonk
  • Bill Heart
  • George Mika
  • Shawn Miller
  • Steven Smith
  • Dorothy Lagerroos
  • Matt O’Claire
  • Jack Wichita
  • Tom Erickson
  • Karen Danielson
  • Matt Hudson
  • Rose Lahti
  • Rae Ann Maday
  • Colleen Matula
  • Terry Peters
  • Michele Wheeler
  • Myron Anderson
  • Plinio Beres
  • Jeff Ehrhardt
  • Neil Paulson

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