Marengo River

Marengo River Subwatershed

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The Marengo River, a major tributary to the Bad River Watershed, originates in the heart of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest north of Clam Lake, Wisconsin. After flowing through the Marengo Semi-Primitive Non-Motorized area and Marengo Lake, the Morgan Creek adds to the rivers volume. Soon, the Marengo leaves the forest to the north and east through rural farmland and is joined by the Brunsweiler River just east of the Town of Marengo. A wide, winding Marengo River joins the Bad River east of Government Road on the south side of the Bad River Indian Reservation.


Although the headwaters of the Marengo River are crystal clear and cold, the lower reaches appear muddy and account for much of the sediment entering the Bad River Watershed.

Superior Rivers Watershed Association volunteers sample 5 sites within this watershed. Sampling includes monthly chemistry and twice-annual macro-invertebrate surveys.

Wisconsin DNR Information on the Marengo Watershed 

BRWA Baseline Monitoring Report- Marengo River Basin

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