Welcome Emma Holtan as our new Water Quality Program Coordinator

We are pleased to announce and welcome Emma Holtan as our new Water Quality Program Coordinator!

Emma comes to us as a recent graduate of Northland College with an extensive background in water science and water resources for her young career. Emma has held several research roles at the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation since 2017. Emma brings to this role not only experience with water quality monitoring, data work, grantwriting experience, and science communication, but also a love of water, Lake Superior, connection, and learning.

“I am a scientist with a big heart,” Emma says of herself. She looks forward to supporting people in connecting to their local water bodies in a way that helps them develop an ethic of care. She will bring love and care to every aspect of her work at Superior Rivers and is honored to help communities become stewards of their watersheds.

We announced at our Annual Membership Meeting and Party that Mariana Brewster-Brown is transitioning out of her role as Coordinator this autumn. Mariana began her job with our organization when we were the Bad River Watershed Association back in 2013 and has been an integral and beloved member of our team. Mariana will train in Emma over the coming months and will continue to be an important volunteer and resource for Superior Rivers.

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