Sullivan Creek Culvert Restoration Project Finished

Our first Iron County restoration project in many years was completed the last week of August 2020. The Iron County Highway Department replaced the undersized Sullivan Creek culvert on Hwy. 122 that was prone to flooding and a barrier to fish passage. It was restored to a larger, heavily flood-armored installation that will allow all age classes of fish to pass upstream. The largest possible pipe was installed, with extensive rock armoring to allow overtopping of the site without significant damage during extreme flooding events. Removal of this barrier restores fish passage to 4.1 miles of brook trout habitat. Thanks to our partners at the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Iron County Highway and Land and Water Conservation Departments, and Wisconsin Department of Transportation for making this happen! This project was primarily funded through the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Fish Passage grants program.  
A recently restored culvert drainage area and other surface features.

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