Superior Rivers Watershed Association Hires Alex Faber as Executive Director

Superior Rivers Watershed Association would like to announce an important step forward for the organization: the hiring of our new Executive Director. Please welcome Alex Faber, resident of Ashland, as the new Executive Director for Superior Rivers Watershed Association. Alex currently co-manages Bay City Cycles and will continue in that role while working for SRWA part time.  Alex comes with valuable experience in business management, fundraising, social media, and administration, all areas that are critical to the future development of SRWA.  We are impressed with her enthusiasm, honesty, and ideas for outreach and fundraising.  She fully understands SRWA’s unique situation and is willing to take on the challenge. A word from Alex: I’m really excited for this opportunity to work with this team of passionate people, volunteers, and the watershed community. I may not come from a science background (I studied medieval history of all things and have primarily worked in small business and offices), but I was raised by Northland College biology alumni who never failed to instill a sense of love and wonder for Lake Superior, its wildlife, and its waters.  We have such an important resource in our lake and its watershed. So many of us rely on our clean waters for so many reasons. I look forward to trying to bring together our unique communities and perspectives in pursuit of a common goal for clean water resources.  In particular, I hope to be able to foster a sense of communication and transparency by focusing on the SRWA website, email list, and social media. I believe that there is a lot of outreach and education with these online mediums that we haven’t explored fully yet that is becoming increasingly relevant in our world. Especially as it seems to be unlikely that we’ll be able to gather in groups for some time, I hope to bring SRWA members and the watershed community together virtually and reach new individuals in this way.

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  2. YES!!! So excited to have you lead the organization!


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