Photo Contest Results!

Photo Contest Results!

Every Atom Dances to the Klezmer’s Tune by Bob Rice

In December we collected submissions for Superior River’s first photo contest. Our prompt was “We want to see your favorite memories on/in the water this year! Show some love for the lake and its tributaries by submitting photos of you playing, relaxing and enjoying the water!” We received many stunning photos and are so thankful to everyone who donated their photos.

Our staff members selected Bob Rice’s photo “Every Atom Dances to the Klezmer’s Tune” as our winner! Our winner received a membership to SRWA for 2022 and is featured on the front cover of the January 2022 edition of Watershed Waves.

Our slogan is “Connecting People, Land and Water” and we also selected one honorable mention in each category.

Honorable Mention in People Category

Fun on the Onion by Erin Burkett

Honorable Mention in Land Category

Whitefish Point by Billy Plut

Honorable Mention in Water Category

Lake Superior Campground by Jeremy Oswald

There is a lot of love for the water in our region and we wanted to share the rest of the donated photos here. All submitters agreed to having their photos used by Superior Rivers and many of them will be featured on our social media pages and website. Thank you again to everyone who submitted!

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