Give a Gift Membership for the Holidays

Give a Gift Membership for the Holidays

This holiday season, spread the love of our Superior Rivers by giving a gift membership! Orders are now closed. Happy holidays! For only $25 you can introduce a friend to the Watershed Association and empower them to engage in protecting our precious water. Your friend or loved one will receive:
  • a beautiful holiday card letting them know of your gift and introducing them to the Watershed Association
  • a copy of Watershed Waves to get them up to speed on the latest news
  • inclusion in a vibrant community of citizens acting as stewards of their watersheds
Want to give them a little more? Add $25 to your gift and you can select from an assortment of items that we’ll include in their holiday package! Just fill out our Holiday Gift Membership form online or printed and mailed in, follow the submission form to our page for Paypal payment or mail in a check, and we’ll take care of the rest! Orders open until December 12th.

The Details:

For a limited time only! Gift membership = $25 donation. Gift membership + present = $50 donation. All shipping costs included in your donation of $25 or $50! Gift membership packet will be mailed to your gift recipient 5-7 business days of form and payment receipt. Please allow up to 2 weeks for USPS delivery. Gift membership will be available until December 12th. Present options have limited supplies. If your selection is not available, we will contact you for a different selection. Questions? Contact us!

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