2021 Board of Directors

At our December board meeting, the Board elected new officers for the next year as well as approved some incoming members. We also bid farewell to some long time familiar faces.

Our 2021 Board of Directors


Michelle Carlile, President

Phil Norrgard, Vice-President

 Bill Route, Treasurer

Allissa Stutte, Secretary


April Stone

Erin Burkett

Thank you to our two outgoing board members

    Laurence Wiland leaves the board with an impressive collective 10 years serving as a board member of BRWA and SRWA. Part of the founding board in 2002, Laurence has served as Secretary and President over his many years with Superior Rivers, recently completing  an epic 8 year run on the board. This organization would not be what it is today without Laurence. Thank  you for years of tireless work and dedication!   Cathy Techtman leaves the board after four years and serving as Secretary for the past two. Cathy has been a generous and great asset to Superior Rivers, and she  moves on to focus on her role as  President of the Friends of  the Gile Flowage in Iron County. Thank you, Cathy!  

And welcome to our two incoming board members for 2021!

Erin Burkett  (PhD, MS, BS) is an environmental social scientist with professional experience designing and leading collaborative projects. She currently serves as the Lake Superior Outreach Specialist coordinating the Lake Superior Collaborative. April Stone served as part of the founding board for five years and has remained a tireless volunteer for our water quality monitoring program and an active participant in the organization.  She is well known as an artisan, teacher, and artist who weaves baskets to preserve threatened ash trees.  

On Re-Joining the Board: April Stone

April served as part of the founding board of the Bad River Watershed Association and has remained an important part of our organization. When asked about her decision to re-join the board, she shared these insights with us. Tell us about being a part of the foundations of the Bad River Watershed Association and your time on the Board in the early days.

I was on the original board along with Lawrence Wiland, Tom Erickson and Karen Danielson. There was even a group photo taken of us for the Ashland Daily Press (of which I still have a copy!)

I wanted to take part in the beginning because the idea behind a watershed association came from the league of women voters and the Bad River Tribe (at least this is my understanding) and I felt as though it would be an honor to work with such an incredible group of individuals. As a Bad River tribal member, I felt it important to participate in this way, with the local communities, working and volunteering for the water.

I was on the board for a few years, enjoyed the fundraising aspect of it all, had received the very first monitoring kit and spent a handful of years collecting water and bacterial samples, and then got busy with life and children and making baskets.

After awhile, I turned in my monitoring kit to focus on working with two other boards in the community.

Why are you returning now?

There were a few occasions in the past few years that I had been asked to return to the board (from Joan Elias and Tony Janisch) but I had to wait until I wasn’t SO busy with everything else. I think it’s important that we ALL do our part for our communities and for the environment and that it is important to be involved on many levels and in many ways.

When Michelle Carlisle approached me to ask about sitting on the board, it did not take me long to contemplate that at all…especially seeing how I had only been on one other board at the time. I felt I now had the time to give to the watershed association in a board capacity, once again, and feel greatly honored to be working with old and new faces on important issues that matter most to me – the water.

Thank you, April. We are so excited to have you back!

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