Conservation Programs

Conservation Programs

Technical and financial resources are often available through various conservation organizations in the area. The first step usually involves a landowner contacting an organization for more information. A site visit may be held, followed by the development of a project plan and implementation. Here’s a list of popular conservation program offerings:  

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) or Natural Resources Conservation Department (NRCS)




Ashland and Bayfield Counties Land and Water Conservation Departments

These county departments can provide technical and financial assistance for a variety of practices:  

Northwoods Cooperative Weed Management Area


Bayfield Regional Conservancy

BRC can help you place a conservation easement on your property, a great tool if you wish to protect your property and its ecological/conservation values in perpetuity. You can work with the land trust to restrict development while still actively managing your property. Fig. 1 BRWA wood turtle project area.jpg