Program Committee

Chair: Abi Fergus

Meets virtually at 12pm – 1:30pm on the last Tuesday of every other month.

The Program Committee is an advisory committee which guides the organization’s major activities to ensure that the  organization’s mission is supported and extended.

Primary responsibilities and tasks: 

  • Reviews program activities to ensure they are meeting SRWA’s priorities, and advises and assists the staff in these activities and priorities.
  • Provides technical and professional assistance and advice.
  • Identifies grants and projects to pursue and assists in grantwriting and acquisition.
  • Assists in project/program assessment and evaluation.

Fundraising Committee

Interim Chair: Alex Faber

Meets virtually at 6pm-7pm on the last Tuesday of every other month.

The Fundraising Committee is an activity-based committee which assists the staff with unrestricted fund development by running fundraising events, campaigns, and activities.

Primary responsibilities and tasks:

  • Assists with identifying specific sources of funds from a diverse mix of sources.
  • Hosts fundraiser events such as silent auctions, raffles, merchandise sales, and other activities.
  • Assists in donation and fundraising campaigns.
  • Tables and represents the organization to broaden outreach and recognition.
  • Develops and implements membership and sponsor acquisition.
  • Assists in implementing the fundraising portion of the annual membership gathering.

Finance Committee

Chair: Bill Route

Meets virtually approximately twice per year.

The Finance Committee is an advisory committee which supports and enhances the mission of the organization by advising on the financial operations of Superior Rivers.

Primary responsibilities and tasks:

  • Advise on the financial operations of SRWA.
  • Assist with creation of and review of annual budget.
  • Annually review and update the financial operating procedures.
  • Serve as a resource for the current Treasurer and Executive Director on financial matters.

Wild and Scenic Designation Committee

Chair: Mark Peterson

Meets as needed, in-person or by phone, in an on-demand basis.

The Wild and Scenic Designation Committee is a dedicated committee of volunteers who are actively seeking Partnership Wild and Scenic River designation for the Bad River (Mashkiiziibii) watershed. Learn more about the Wild and Scenic Designation project here.