Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of all Board Officers.

Program Committee

Chair: Mariana Brewster-Brown

The Program Committee guides the organization’s major activities to ensure that the  organization’s mission is supported and extended.

The Program Committee has the authority and responsibility to: 

– Initiates and guides program evaluations in the context of the strategic plan;

– Monitors grant activities, assuring that required work in grants is being done;

– Facilitates discussions about program priorities for the Association;

– Oversees new program development;

– Review and propose changes to the strategic plan and three year work plan as needed; 

– Propose such new programs as the organization has capacity to effectively carry out and  support the mission of the organization; 

– Report to the board at each meeting on successes and challenges of on-going programs.

Fundraising and Outreach Committee

Chair: Erin Burkett

The Fundraising and Outreach Committee has the authority and responsibility to:

– Assist with website development and upkeep 

– News and Press Releases 

– – 4-12 press releases/ year (general BRWA news- not hot news issue topics) 

– – Assist with the development of articles for Watershed Waves as needed 

– Events to honor and increase membership 

– – Recommend annual schedule of events to attend and carry out 

– – Assist in planning and carrying out events 

– Campaigns to increase membership  ∙ Assist with annual membership drive as needed

– Work with the Executive Director and board to develop an annual fundraising target for unrestricted funds.

– Work with Executive Director and board to research prospects for sources of funds to determine how much money might be raised from different types of sources.  

– Work with Executive Director and board to identify specific potential sources of funds from a diverse mix of sources

– Develop an organizational Fundraising Plan that may include: what the specific potential sources of funds are, what the specific  fundraising vehicles will be, who the target audience is for each fundraising task, what the fundraising goal is, and who is responsible  for implementing that task. 

– Carry out, with assistance from the entire staff and board, the Fundraising Plan 

– Take the lead in fundraising efforts for unrestricted funds as needed 

– Be responsible for engagement of all board members in fundraising and provide assignments as needed 

– Monitor fundraising efforts to be sure that ethical and legal practices are in place, such as ensuring that donors are acknowledged  appropriately with thank you letters and receipts for tax purposes, and that fundraising efforts are cost-effective.

– Develop and facilitate a major donor program to ensure that major donors are appropriately communicated with, recognized, and informed on the organizations’ program work and other news.

Budget and Finance Committee

Chair: Bill Route

The Budget and Finance Committee supports and enhances the mission of the organization by overseeing the provision and distribution of  resources to carry out the organization’s work. The Committee shall be chaired by the Board Treasurer.

– The Budget and Finance Committee has the authority and responsibility to: 

– Prepare by November a draft budget for the following fiscal year  

– Monitor the budget and bring any concerns to the executive committee during the course of the year 

– Review financial procedures and propose changes for board adoption when necessary 

– Appoint a committee to annually review the state of the books 

– Recommend financial guidelines to the board (such as to establish a reserve fund

Wild and Scenic Designation Committee

Chair: Mark Peterson

The Wild and Scenic Designation Committee is a dedicated committee of volunteers who are actively seeking Partnership Wild and Scenic River designation for the Bad River (Mashkiiziibii) watershed. Learn more about the Wild and Scenic Designation project here.